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Refresher Dive

Freshen up your dive skills during the Refresher Dive

Refresh your dive skills

Within the few-hours Refresher Dive you will get comfortable again underwater and in your scuba gear (handling of equipment, managing buoyancy control and practicing safety skills) and also your theoretical knowledge will be freshened up.

Dive safe!

If your most recent dive is longer then 6 months ago before the start of your booked daytrip or divetour, we will require, for your own as well our safety, that you will join a Tune Up before the start of the tour.

You may decide if you want do the Tune Up in the shallow waters of Koh Chang, Koh Payam or in the swimming pool at Ranong.

Duration Few hours to half a day
Nr of dives 1 dive
You can join the Refresher Dive at
  • Ranong (swimming pool)
  • Koh Chang (sea shore)
  • Koh Payam (sea shore)
Included in this dive
  • Use of dive equipment set during the dive
  • Insurance
Price per Refresher Dive
1.200 THB


Let's go diving!