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Located at the West Coast of the Andaman Sea in Thailand and bordering Myanmar (Burma), lays the little Province of Ranong at approximately 8 degrees north latitude. Do not confuse Ranong and Koh Chang with Rayong and Koh Chang in the Trat Province, which lays near Bangkok.

You can easily get to Ranong Town via plane from Bangkok, local bus or VIP buses from Bangkok, Phuket, Khao Lak, Had Yai or Suratthani, per minibus from Khao Lak, Surathani or Chumpon, and the train via Chumpon. The islands Koh Chang and Koh Payam are situated at the West Coast of Thailand at a stones throw from Ranong Town. You can get from Ranong Town to Koh Payam in 30 minutes and to Koh Chang in 1.5 hours.

Accommodation info

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In Ranong Province you can find accommodation ranging from low-, middle class and high budget. Bamboo huts on the beach, cozy bungalows, villas along the sea shore... We recommend you to stay at Ranong at
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About Ranong Province

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Ranong has the lowest population density and the highest percentage of uncut rainforest in Thailand. With beautiful offshore islands, hot springs, waterfalls and access to Myanmar (Burma), Ranong retains a friendly yet exotic border province.

Travel info

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Unlike in the old days, nowadays it is easy to get to Ranong. Daily several flights arrive at the airport of Ranong. Daily day- and night buses comfort you with easy transport to Ranong Town. Read here more about flights, mini buses, local buses, taxis, boat tickets and the train.

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